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Unum is a renowned foundation for dispute resolution that has offered a platform for conducting professional arbitration proceedings in the areas of shipping, shipbuilding, transport, storage, logistics and international trade for many years.

It was set up in the year 1988 (named TAMARA arbitration) as an alternative for more traditional arbitration institutions in London and other places in the world.

Unum has been offering arbitration services since it was established and has now also incorporated mediation as a service for dispute resolution.



The services that are being rendered by Unum are aligned with the global interests of all stakeholders of the main ports of Western Europe, with Rotterdam as maritime capital of Europe, and with legal center of the world The Hague, international city of peace and justice. It offers a platform for modern dispute resolution in the best interests of parties that are aiming for a solid solution against reasonable costs within a reasonable period of time.

Unum is a pioneer in using a digital platform to conduct arbitration proceedings since the year 2008. Based on experience with E-arbitration, Unum now offers a modernized, user friendly digital dashboard for conducting arbitration proceedings. The digital platform can also be used for mediation.

Unum Transport Arbitration & Mediation stands for a professional, transparent, independent and reliable platform that might unite parties in finding a solution to resolve their dispute in mediation or provide a decision by rendering an arbitral award in order to relieve parties from an unresolved issue.