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International case law disclosed 

In 1956 the parties to the CMR-treaty wrote in the Preamble about the desirability of standardizing the conditions governing the contract for the international carriage of goods by road. As article 31 CMR made national courts competent for legal proceedings arising under the CMR Convention, nowadays every member state has its own legal interpretations on different issues.

65 years later it is time to make a collection of national case law on CMR-treaty. Below, you can find so-called Country reports written by correspondents living and working in the member state. In this reports all issues are systematically dealt with.

The French Institut International du Transport (IDIT), based in Rouen, together with Foundation Vervoeradres publish reports per country, written by practitioners from member states of the convention. These reports provide information about the interpretation by national judges of all the articles.

All reports have the same format, facilitating international legal comparison.

 Country report of United Kingdom
The information has been provided by  John Habergham, director and solicitor at Myton Law, and Christopher Chatfield, lawyer and partner of Kennedys law firm.
 Country report of France
The information has been provided by Frédéric Letacq researcher at IDIT and Cécile Legros, Professor of Law at the University of Rouen Normandy and Scientific Director at IDIT.
 Country report of Belgium
The information has been provided for by Frederik Vanden Bogaerde, Mathias Dendievel, Vincent van der Mast, Ruben Dewiele, lawyers working with Transport en Logistiek Advocaten.

 Country report of Germany 

The information has been provided by Tobias Eckardt, lawyer and partner of Ahlers & Vogel  law firm, and Joachim Staab, lawyer and partner of Van Diepen Van der Kroef law firm.
 Country report of Denmark
The information has been provided by Mads Poulsen and Aage Krogh, lawyers and partners of IUNO law firm.
 Country report of Italy

The information has been provided by professor Francesca Pellegrino, full professor  and Cinzia Ingratoci, Associate professor, both working at the Department of Law, University of Messina.

 Country report of Croatia

The information has been provided by prof. Nikoleta Radionov, full professor in maritime law at the University of Zagreb and Adriana Padovan, senior research associate at the Adriatic Institute of the Croationa Academy of Sciences and Arts.

 Country report of Lithuania 
The information has been provided by Giedrus Abromavicius, senior associate at the Baltics law firm Cobalt.
 Country report of Portugal
The information has been provided by Mateus Andrade Dias and Maria Andrade Dias, lawyers and partners of Andrade Dias law firm.
 Country report of Greece
The information has been provided by Epameinondas Kalagiakos and Elini Kalaitzaki, lawyers and partners of Kalagiakos & Partners law firm.
 Country report of Poland
The information has been provided by Prof. Krzysztof Wesołowski, Dr Dorota Ambrożuk and Dr Daniel Dąbrowski, University of Szczecin, Faculty of Law and Administration
 Country report of Spain
The information has been provide by Victor Mata and Maria Vidal, senior associates at Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP law firm.