Stichting Vervoeradres in cooperation with UNUM

UNUM institute for dispute settlement


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Dispute resolution

In legal proceedings arising out of carriage the plaintiff may bring an action in court or tribunal. In case one chooses for tribunal we recommend UNUM. 

UNUM Arbitration and Mediation Foundation was founded in 1988. Unum is an innovative Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) institution that serves the interests of parties that seek resolution of their dispute in an effective manner with high quality results. Parties may choose between professional arbitration proceedings  and mediation in the areas of transport, storage, logistics, shipping, shipbuilding, and international trade. Providing innovative tools and modern rules, selecting high quality specialists and operating in a cost effective way. For more information 

Stichting Vervoeradres and UNUM cooperate closely. The Secretary General represents Stichting Vervoeradres in the board of the UNUM foundation. In this way the interests of the road haulage and logistics services are taken care of.