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Stichting Vervoeradres


The Stichting Vervoeradres was established in 1946 to harmonize transactions between shippers and carriers. Standard documents like the consignment note were created to facilitate the legal settlement of agreements in relation to the carriage of goods by road. Also  general terms and conditions for transport and logistics were made up.

The Stichting Vervoeradres makes information available on legal subjects around transport and logistics. Users of this information are for example people working in or advising to companies in transport and logistics.

Information is published on this website and in the journal on transport law called Weg en Wagen. On the home page you can subscribe to our newsletter (three times a year). 

Every second year the foundation organizes a conference, that is the SVA congress.


Board of SVA

Members of the board are appointed by 

Mrs. Shula Stibbe is Secretary General in charge.

Two working parties advise the board on legal and social developments that may effect contracts for the carriage of goods by road respectively by inland water.